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Ayatollah Alozma Jannaati's method in Ejtehad pursues an innovative form of inference from religious sources. This method is called Tafri'ei and Tatbighi (sorting and comparison). It aims at finding, recognizing and evaluating main and subordinate laws with general rules related to them. This method involves referring to religious sources with regards to current time and circumstance and with a careful look into the matter.

Criteria of laws and precepts which have intrinsically and in the course of time become the subject of laws are studied and evaluated together with their inner and outer attributes. Then if there takes place a change in the subject or any of its conditions the precepts also change or else they remain as they are. Because religious rule remains unchanged as long as the subject is so. Whatever thing was permissible at the time of Holy Prophet Mohammad will remain permissible until the Day of Judgment and whatever thing was forbidden at the time of Holy Prophet Mohammad will remain forbidden until the Day of Judgment. Precepts and their subjects are like a cause with its effect. They can not be separated from each other. The subject is like a cause for the precept.

In this method in which the inner and outer attributes and characteristics of the subject and the criterion and titles of the precepts are minutely studied, the change of time and place plays a basic role in their alterations. Because the change of time and place though do not have any interference with the alteration of religious precepts yet they do have some effect on the subject, its conditions, features and criterion. That is because time and place are not part of the precept's subject.


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